Log Home Interiors – Decorating and Design Ideas for a Cozy Home

A log cabin interior can evoke a feeling of homey charm and comfort. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current one, there are many decorating and design ideas to consider when putting together a cozy cabin.

Lighting is an important element in a log home interior. Proper lighting can make a log cabin feel warm and welcoming.


One of the key elements of decorating and designing a cozy home is color. It can make or break the mood of a room, especially in cabin designs.

Green is a soothing color that delivers calm and serenity, so it works well in log cabin interiors. It also helps with relaxation and can be a great accent color for living rooms and bedrooms.

Another color that promotes a sense of comfort is brown. It can be used in a variety of ways, including for upholstery or flooring, and works well with other colors.

Lastly, gray is a neutral color that can be used in an array of different settings. Its neutrality can brighten other tones and create a more open space in the living area.

Choosing the right colors is a tricky task, but if you know how to use a color wheel, it can be easier. This will help you select the colors that will work together to get that perfect flow in your log home interiors.


The right furniture can help you create a cozy home that feels comfortable, functional and in tune with classic and modern log cabin touches. Furniture is an essential part of any interior design, and can make or break a room’s style.

Rustic furniture made of wood such as reclaimed barn wood, hickory or pine is popular with rustic homes and offers a timeless look. These furniture pieces often feature carved or inlaid designs that are unique to their respective styles.

Leather furnishings and accessories are also a great way to enhance a cozy log cabin. They can be paired with metal accents to add texture and visual interest.

Natural stone is another popular addition to log cabin decor. The presence of this material can be seen in countertops, backsplashes and fireplace surrounds.

Animal accents such as antlers, fur and bearskin rugs are also popular in log cabin homes. While an overabundance can make your space seem tacky, using them sparingly and in a variety of patterns is a great way to bring out the log cabin feel.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of decorating and designing a cozy home. It can make or break a room, so you should take the time to get it right.

Traditional log cabin interiors can feel dark and oppressive, so you should combat this by flooding the home with energy-efficient ambient lighting. You should also use a variety of different light sources to highlight focal points and create ambiance.

You can achieve this by using a combination of ceiling lights, pendant lights, and cabin track lighting. You can even use dimmable LEDs to add a nice glow to the interior.

You can also add unique cabin lighting fixtures like lanterns, antler chandeliers and mason jars filled with candles. These can give a rustic cabin vibe and help you achieve the look and feel you desire.


Accessories are the perfect way to personalize your cabin decor and bring elements together into a cohesive look. Accessories come in all shapes and sizes so you can find something that suits your cabin design ideas, tastes and budget.

One great accessory idea is to choose a piece of artwork that evokes a mood. For example, an abstract painting may give you a sense of calm while a brighter, more colorful piece will add energy to your space.

You can also use a rug to help create the mood you’re after. Area rugs are a popular log cabin decorating option as they can anchor a room, provide comfort and add style to your space.

Another popular accessory is rustic wall art. There are many options available, including bear, moose, and other wildlife art. Often found on eBay, these pieces will help bring a little bit of the outdoors into your cabin interior.